About Foster Kids in California

  •  Nearly 60,000 children live in foster care in California
  •  Each year, more than 30,000 children live in foster care in California
  •  A significant portion of foster children have at least one chronic medical condition and four times as many emotions problems as other kids.
  •  Foster children are placed on average into three different foster homes.
  •  With every school change, a foster child loses four to six months of academic progress
  •  Students in foster care are six times more likely to need Special Education services than other youth
  •  Foster children are twice as likely to drop out of high school
  •  Fewer than 10 percent of former foster kids who have turned 18 go to college
  •  Within 18 months of aging out of foster care up to 50 percent of foster youth become homeless.
  •  On any given day more than 500,000 youth are in some form of foster care across the United States
  •  Foster children live in an uncertain world, without stability and permanence, which are so important to the health, happiness and identity of all children
  •  Many times, these children are removed from their home with only the clothing on their back
  •  Like all growing children, foster kids quickly outgrow their clothes and shoes, creating an immediate need to replace them; an added expense for foster families
  •  Foster children often live in unstable environments, where they may be moved into a new home every month; Changing schools and friends is common
  •  Foster families are provided some funding by the State, however, the cost of clothing and caring for a child exceeds this amount 
  •  Foster children are overjoyed to know they are cared for by the community at large and beam at receiving a new coat or pair of shoes

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